uedbet新版保存交流会 stewards Americaʼs culturally diverse and endangered garden and food crop legacy for present and future generations. 我们通过收集来教育和联系人们, 再生, 分享祖传uedbet新版, 植物, 和故事.


自1975年以来, we have been working hard to keep 传家宝 varieties where they belong—in our gardens, 在我们的表, 在我们心中.



连接 成千上万的家庭园丁、农民和世界各地的其他人 最大的uedbet新版交换,对所有人开放.


收集、储存和再生 uedbet新版千奇百怪, 传家宝, and open-pollinated varieties at our Heritage Farm headquarters—as well as back up our collection at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault—in essence saving seeds of these varieties so that they do not disappear.


uedbet新版 从我们的收集品种 目录和网站, and the uedbet新版交换, so that gardeners everywhere may grow and enjoy these rare treasures.


教育 园丁们在 最佳实践 for gardening and the time-honored, critical—though nearly forgotten—practice of seed saving.


我们一次又一次地从会员那里听到这样的评论, 支持者, 还有来我们庄园的客人, 与众不同的, 890-acre Heritage Farm headquarters in the Driftless Region surrounding Decorah, 爱荷华州. And every time we hear it, we are inspired to work just a little harder at what we do.

那么我们要做什么呢? 为什么我们的工作如此重要? 它如何帮助养活世界?


自1975年以来, uedbet新版保存交流会 has protected the biodiversity of our food system—and our planet—by preserving rare, 传家宝, and open-pollinated varieties of seeds in our seed bank at Heritage Farm and encouraging gardeners and farmers worldwide to grow, 收获, and share 传家宝 seeds as well as recount the inspirational stories behind them.

It was her own children’s future that inspired Diane Ott Whealy to co-found uedbet新版保存交流会 with 传家宝 seeds for treasured tomato and flower varieties lovingly brought to 爱荷华州 by her Bavarian great-grandparents in the 1870s. 关于这个组织的消息很快传开了, and before long a small group of concerned gardeners began saving and swapping their own rare, 传家宝品种和捐赠uedbet新版到我们的收藏, 这将很快成为一场日益壮大的运动的中心. These seeds and their stories—passed from generation to generation—may well have been lost if not for the foresight of these visionary gardeners and their singular dedication to preserving biodiversity in the face of changing farming and gardening practices.



uedbet新版保存交流会 focuses on stewarding and sharing the large collection of open-pollinated varieties the organization has since amassed, 这在很大程度上要归功于那群敬业的园丁. The varieties are truly priceless—some represent a family’s immigration story, 而其他人则产生令人难忘的, 上菜的美味佳肴, 年复一年, 在家庭聚会. Together the seeds of these varieties compose an irreplaceable genetic resource that may well guarantee the security of our future food supply. 这些罕见的, diverse seeds ensure that we have varieties adapted to different climate conditions and resistant to certain diseases. 当uedbet新版多样性强时, 我们的食物系统得到了保护, as this diversity increases the probability of having crop varieties that thrive in adverse situations.

今天, 近45年后, 我们拥有全国最大的非政府uedbet新版银行, 成千上万稀有的, 传家宝 varieties are safeguarded 为了后代—our children, 还有我们孩子的孩子.


uedbet新版保存交流会 approaches preservation in a two-pronged approach that we call participatory preservation. 非原位 preservation involves the long-term care and storage of seeds of 传家宝 and open-pollinated varieties in our genebank, 让他们世世代代留在身边, 原位 preservation involves sharing seeds of these varieties with gardeners and farmers who help preserve them by 日益增长的 them.

We take great care to ensure the health and viability of our collection. 每年, we grow out select varieties in gardens at Heritage Farm to keep our seed supply healthy and viable, placing these newly grown out seeds into our seed bank and into the hands of gardeners around the nation. 保持每个品种性状的准确记录, our Evaluation Team grows out other varieties and keeps careful track of them, 更新描述, 检查不一致的地方. 我们的uedbet新版历史学家研究每个品种的故事, documenting its history and the lives of the people who brought it to our collection.

在传统农场发生的uedbet新版再生是重要的, 但uedbet新版保护团体的工作使它得到加强. 当园丁培育出一个品种并保存它的uedbet新版, 这种品种适应该地区的生长条件. 没有个人园丁种植和保存uedbet新版, 我们失去了帮助uedbet新版适应变化环境的机会. You can play an enormous role in preservation by 日益增长的 out 传家宝 varieties for seed in your garden.



因为种植者的网络对物种保护非常重要, 我们努力把uedbet新版送到尽可能多的园丁手中.

园丁们通过分享自己种的uedbet新版 我们的uedbet新版交换它对会员和非会员同样开放. 来自世界各地的所有年龄的参与者, 在我们的网站上分享uedbet新版, and uedbet新版保存交流会 offers many varieties from our own extensive collection on the 交换 as well.

我们也通过我们的目录和网上uedbet新版分享uedbet新版, so that gardeners everywhere may grow and enjoy 传家宝 and rare varieties, 把这些品种保存在世界各地, which also serves to fulfill our mission of connecting to our nation’s food and garden heritage. 再加上会员资格和捐赠, 这些uedbet新版销售有助于资助我们正在进行的保存工作.