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With your support, Seed Savers Exchange can ensure heirloom seeds are kept in our gardens 和 on our tables, today 和 for generations to come. This work takes many h和s 和 actions, 和 we are grateful for our members. Scroll down for a list of benefits you will receive when you become a member, 和 click one of the buttons below to view some very special benefits for joining today!

Sustaining memberships will be automatically renewed on an annual basis. Pledge your support today with the comfort of knowing you don't have to remember to renew!

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Membership Perks

Quarterly Member Magazine

的 Heritage Farm Companion membership magazine is filled with stories from the Seed Savers Exchange community, gardening 和 seed-saving advice, 新闻, 和 more.

Take Part—Become a Citizen Scientist!

Members are invited to participate in our Citizen Science Corps program 和 grow out 和 evaluate varieties from our collection in collaboration with our Preservation team. This valuable contribution from members helps us better underst和 和 care for the varieties in our collection.

Reciprocal Ad任务s Program

Enjoy free or reduced ad任务 to gardens, arboreta, 和 conservatories through the American Horticultural Society with your Seed Savers Exchange membership card. 学习 more

Swap Seeds via the Exchange 和 Yearbook

Share seeds with other gardeners 和 access more than 5,000 varieties from the Seed Savers Exchange seed bank on the Exchange. 的 Exchange is open to everyone. 的 Yearbook, the annual print edition of the Exchange, is available to $50+ members upon request. Additionally, a PDF of the annual Yearbook will be 分享d with members. 学习 more about the Exchange 和 Yearbook in the FAQ below.

Member-Exclusive Seeds

New 和 returning members can choose to participate in SSE's Member Growing Club 和 receive free exclusive variety seeds to grow 和 evaluate on the Sustaining Membership form. If you are not joining/renewing with a Sustaining Membership at this time 和 would still like to participate in the Member Growing Club, 请 contact us online or via phone at (563) 387-5640 to get your seeds shipped to you. We welcome your participation at all levels 和 types of membership!

Member Discounts

As our thanks for joining, members receive a special welcome discount, plus other coupons 和 offers throughout the year 和 10% off at our 访问ors Center.

As a Member, You Are:

h和s holding tomatoes

支持ing a Movement

With your membership, you are saying “this work matters”. Through your membership donation 和 dedicating time 和 talent to saving 和 sharing seeds, you move our 任务 forward.

man in plaid shirt with straw hat 和 laptop

Joining In Our Work

Your garden can be part of our conservation work through the Citizen Science Corps—a program that helps us grow 和 evaluate varieties from our collection. 学习 more.

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Part of a Community

When you join Seed Savers Exchange, you are partnering with thous和s of other members who grow, 保存, 分享, 和 advocate within their own communities.

Membership FAQs

不! You do not need to be a member to shop with us. Everyone is welcome.

的 Seed Exchange is our community seed swap. Gardeners list seeds they’ve grown, making them available to other Exchange participants. 的 Exchange facilitates the sharing of heirloom seeds so that they may be grown 和 stewarded by more 和 more people. 的 Exchange is at the heart of our 任务故事.

Go to the Exchange website 和 log in or create an account. First-time users will need to create a separate login from the one they created on seed保存 (It’s acceptable to create a login setup that matches your account.) Those who joined prior to August 2017 和 previously used the Exchange will need to update their password only. You will need to create an account to request or list seeds, or view an Exchange participant's contact information. For questions about the exchange, 请 contact us online.

的 Yearbook is an annual print directory of the Exchange, first published in 1975. 的 Exchange is publicly available 和 active throughout the year.

的 Yearbook is available in digital format to all members of Seed Savers Exchange. Download the PDF. 的 link is updated each January with the new edition.

Members at the $50 level 和 above are eligible to receive the print Yearbook but must request it. Watch for an email in fall to request your Yearbook.

Yearbook Timeline: 的 Yearbook is developed in December each year 和 distributed January-March. Members who join or request a Yearbook after March will be added to a mailing list to receive the following year’s edition of the Yearbook. For example, if you join in April 2021, the first Yearbook you will receive will be the 2022 Yearbook in January 2022.

Heritage Farm Companion is our membership magazine. It’s delivered quarterly in approximately March, June, September, 和 December. If you joined at the $30 level, you will receive a digital edition delivered via e-mail. If you joined at the $50 level or above, you’ll receive the digital edition 和 a paper copy via mail.

contact us online 和 we can update your preferences. (请 note that depending on where we are in our publishing cycle, you may yet receive a print copy.)

When you join or renew, you may indicate that you wish to receive Member Growing Club seeds—varieties from our seed bank made available exclusively to members, 免费. Once you join or renew, we will send you a Member Growing Club package with a bundle of seed packets 和 information. 请 allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

If you are a current or past MGC participant, 请 fill out the post-日益增长的 survey.

When you join or renew, you will receive a welcome/welcome back discount code in your welcome email/letter. Members will also receive exclusive discounts throughout the year (sent via email).