About Indian Chef Recipe

The journey of mine was very interesting from my childhood to how I became chef. I think I was about 8years old. Once my mom returned late from the market & I was alone in my house giving a first try to make a poori. I succeeded but those were slightly burnt that's a different matter. Later on when my mom came back &saw the smoke in all the rooms she scold me and also appreciated me a lot about my effort for the day. From that day my mom encouraged & supported me. Today the peaks where I have reached is all because of my parents . That's how I became Mr. Dinesh to chef Dinesh it sounds quit professional and respectable.

Later on I got married in 2015 and when she(Vandana) entered in my life I have started this YouTube channel only by her support and ideas. We are working on many more interesting videos to give you more different tastes and varieties from all around the world.

Thank you to all our channel viewers , friends , family and all. Today we are making this website only because of your encouragement &support your like , shares , comments make us feel so special and encourages us to do many more videos.

so, guys this was about us. Our step to success. Please do like , share and comment on our every video.


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