RAVA KESARI is a festive dish which will be prepared in every house.

Servings: 3 Persons | Prep time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 15 mins | Ready in: 20 MIN

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  1. rava - 1 cup

  2. ghee - 2 tsp

  3. cashewnuts - 5 gms

  4. almonds - 5 gms

  5. pista - 5 gms

  6. raisines - 5 gms

  7. kesari yellow colour - 10 ml

  8. sugar - 1 cup

  9. cardamom powder - pinch 

  10. water - 3 cups


  1. Put on your stove and keep a pan

  2. Let your pan get heated , then add ghee

  3. Add all ur dry fuits and roast it till those are turned to a golden colour

  4. Then add semolina in ghee , dry fuits and roast them all together till the raw flavor goes from semolina

  5. Take that rosted rawa in bowl and cool it in a room temperature

  6. Now take a fresh pan add water , kesari yellow colour , sugar &cardamom powder 

  7. Wait till sugar gets melted 

  8. Then add cooled down mixture of rawa and dry fruits

  9. Mix it continously till its becomes a thik mixture or rava cooks

  10. Here will be your rawa kesari ready. Serve hot.



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