pomogranate sandwich is a delicious,tasty,yummy,quick and easy recipe.This can be given to kids adults they just love to have this again and again.It is better to have these kinds of snacks at home freshly prepared rather buying and eating from bakerys

Servings: 1 Persons | Prep time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 5 mins | Ready in: 15 mins

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  1. Pomogranates : 1 No

  2. mayonnaise    :  1 Tsp

  3. salt to taste

  4. pepper to taste

  5. butter            : 10 gms

  6. bread slice    : 2 slices


  1. Collect all the ingredents.

  2. mix pomogranet seeds and mayonnaise together in a bowl.

  3. add salt and pepper powder to your taste.

  4. then take two slices of bread stuff the mixture of pomogranetseeds and moyonnaise in between .

  5. apply butter on the top of the bread slice.

  6. keep that butter applied top first on the hot griller . 

  7. after some time cook on the other side by applying butter.




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